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For Business Owners

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We help business owners plan for the single most important financial event of their lives, their exit from their company. Whether they are planning to pass their family business to the next generation or need to prepare for a sale to outsiders or managers, preparation is key to a successful transition.

Unlike many professionals who focus on the sale itself, our work is owner-centric. From start to finish, we work to help business owners leave their companies when they want, with the money they need, and to the successor owner they choose.

We consider seven planning steps for our business owner clients, whether a potential exit is in the near future or years down the road.

  • Identify Owner Objectives
  • Quantify Business and Personal Resources
  • Maximize and Protect Business Value
  • Transfer Ownership to Family or Management
  • Sale of Ownership to a Third Party
  • Business Continuity in Lifetime and at Death
  • Personal Wealth and Estate Planning

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